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Founded in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Medicine Gear provides sleek and functional medical supplies for adventurers on-the-go.

Featured Product: Slim Traveler Pill Box

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I put one in my purse when I go on vacation so that I always have an assortment of over-the-counter medications handy should I need them. The lightweight, slim size fits perfectly in the inside pocket of my purse. Perfect!


These are fantastic! I've had other pill cases that are way too big and bulky, but these are the perfect size. I keep one in my purse, travel bag, church bag, and desk at work. I also love how durable and convenient they are. I have found numerous uses for them. I've used them for medicine, candy, mints, and even small crafting supplies like pins and brads. I've given a few to friends for gifts and they have loved them as well. A great product for everyone.


Really compact, thin box to put pills for travel or have in one's pocket or purse as a reserve in case one forgets to take pills while in a rush to leave home for work or errands. As a precaution, put it inside a small ziplock bag in case pocket gets wet. Handy also to keep small items, such as, mini bandage strips, Xacto blades, sewing needles, small portrait frame screws and washers, pins or clips, etc.

Amazon Customer

I really love these!!! Flat and small. Just right to keep meds in my wristlet. Exactly what I was looking for. Could fit in a back pocket, maybe even a wallet.


These are great! Sleek, compact, yet roomy enough to fit a good selection of pills for whatever aches life throws my way. Discreet-I don't look like a junkie or a hypochondriac lugging around a bunch of pills. I keep one in my backpack, and the other in my purse and neither have yet to spill. Best travel pill boxes I've ever owned.

Allen Manso

These are so perfect and cute. They snap securely, fit nicely in a purse or pocket and hold a good amount of pills. Definitely recommend.


I recently got a set of these. They are a great size for slipping in my pocket or bag, get big enough to carry an assortment of pills and/or vitamins of various sizes. The dividers are great for keeping pills and vitamins separated as needed. The latch seems very secure, yet easy enough to open. I only give it 4 stars because I haven't used it enough yet to speak more on it.

Amazon Customer

Perfect size, and 3 pack allows you to park your meds where you need. Hinge is made of same molded plastic as case, take care and the pill case will last a long time.

David F. Ewart

I Love these pill boxes. I am a flight attendant and is on the go a lot. Sometimes I don't have quick access to my luggage and my medication I need during the day. so I carry some of my medication in these boxes in my uniform pants. They are so slim and fit so perfect in my pocket I hardly even notice it is there. But when I have to hurry and eat a couple bites of lunch or dinner in between flights and take some meds. I have it right there. They are Amazing. My son has one in his wrestling bag and my daughter carries one in her school backpack. I couldn't ever go back to those other bulky cases.