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"Have you experienced some discomfort during travelling like an unexpected headache or nausea and you didn't bring any medicine? At times like this I feel off guard for not being able to bring such travel necessities.

Here's a product that is so stylish you wouldn't mistaken it to be a pill box, the Slim Traveler Pill Boxes.

I was sent 4 little boxes with stunning colors : Cherry Red, Classic Black, Caribbean Blue and Misty Grey.

These Slim Traveler Pill Boxes are definitely not your average bulky weekly pill organizer. It is as small as a credit card and thin as a smart phone which is unlike the ordinary ones. Its slim design will make it perfectly fit in your pockets, purses, backpacks, and luggage.

Slim Traveler Pill Boxes are made from super durable materials and designed with a modern edgy look and a carbon fiber texture that can withstand an active lifestyle. Its thin design can fit in any small space and its curved front feature makes pills and vitamins slide out easily.

For me these small and cute boxes are very convenient, holds the things you need most, right at your fingertips.

Let me just mention a few uses of these slim pill boxes (but let me remind you that its use is not limited to these):
- Carrying pain relievers, cold pills, vitamins, and even a nibble of chocolate or gum
- A weekend getaway with a small variety of pills you might need
- A daily pocket traveler
- Keeping Aspirin in your car to help that headache, when stuck in traffic
- Store pain relievers in your golf or gym bag for those sore muscles
- Keeping up on your vitamin regimen

Overall, the Slim Traveler Pill Boxes has endless uses and will make a perfect gift, giveaway or stocking stuffer because everyone can find a good use for it. It is versatile and stylish at the same time.

Slim Traveler Pill Box now available at MedicineGear.Com for $2.99 each and is available in different colors and packs to save you money!

The good news is that MedicineGear.Com charges no sales tax and offers free shipping (charges will be added at check out for all orders in Continental US)."

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